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Our Next SCHOOL REUNION is Saturday, September 27, 2014. This is a regular annual date (Last Saturday in September).Here are some pictures and videos from the 2012 reunion. Please read some of the STORIES from our past. Please let us know some links to photos from the 2013 reunion - or provide copies to post here. Thanks.

CHS Class 45-46

CHS Class Photo taken 1945-6/ First Grade - Mrs McCaskill -- Photo from Wayland Stewart (Cottontop) MORE early class photos HERE - Try to name some !

Pictures from the 2011 Reunion (several Albums near the beginning of the page)
BricksSTORY - Alumnus admits building defaced back when.. CLICK HERE
There is a story behind these bricks

Our theme song
The reunion went off very well. We think between 170 and 200 were present in the course of the day. The food was fantastic. We had a '41 graduate present (the first class) and classes from the '70's. All who took photos are requested to get them to Vic Campbell as soon as possible for a combined disc of all photos to share at no cost with all who ask (plus they will be available on the web for download free). Already folks are eager for another one. Lots of good comments on this one.
Email for address or to send photos by internet - vic@buzzcreek.com THANKS
Sharpen your memory with a look at some of the albums linked from THIS PAGE
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Chumuckla High School-1955 Photo-second grade class (At first we thought the teacher was Bobbie Whitley - one of the Wasden girls from Jay that were nieces of Juanita (Campbell Salter) Salter. But - Janis (Campbell) Engert tells us that Bobbie and Mrs. Fuqua swapped schools (Fidelis) the following year so each could be closer to home.) But now some of the actual students say the teacher is a Mrs. Vicks.

Here is the latest input! Janis Harris Simmons ..
Back row left to right
Martha McBride, Raymond Smith, Bonnie Kimbrough, Phil Harris, Eddie Savent, Ms. Vicks, David Campbell, Harry Harris, Buck Roberts, Penny Richarme, Bobby Waymaire, Seaborn Retherford, bottom row left to right, Rita Castleberry, Janice Cotton, Dorothy Diamond, Betty Spicer, Helen Hopkins, Helen Wise, Ann Howell, Helen Castleberry, Bobby Simmons, Travis Barlow and William Carnley.

(photo repaired by Lena Langham - class of '58)
Chumuckla High School, 2nd grade class of 1955 with teacher Mrs. Vicks and Smokey the Bear. Can anyone name the little people in this photo? Add your own notes to the conversation here in the discussion forum.

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Here is a music video required of ALL Chumuckla folks .. it is a song about JAY! You will love it. More HERE - Our Videos.

New facebook group for Chumuckla.
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See Obituaries at the News Link.

All those cemetery vandalisms have encouraged a community organization to address the issue. Learn how you can help.
The SANTA ROSA COUNTY CEMETERY ASSOCIATION - A new website to help with family histories and historic preservation. See that site for more about meetings.

Chumuckla Cotton Gin (ca 1951)This photo is a copy of one on the wall at Marion Tidwell's home. His father-in-law, Joe Jernigan was the gin manager.

Enjoy the news pages and the photos - Contact one of the contributors in the left side column. Learn a little about how to use a wiki (see below). It is pretty easy. You can add stories and news too!

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posted by dimplesnchewy   Sep 19 2009, 2:58 PM EDT
Chumuckla High School, class of 1955, 2nd grade with Smokey the Bear and teacher Bobbie Whitley.